Are Escort Services Legal in Las Vegas?


When in Las Vegas for the first time, you will probably see several banners advertising for escort services. It is good to be cautious and knows if these services are legal, and you are not committing a crime. Remember prostitution is illegal in all of the States expect in Nevada where they allow legal prostitution in strictly controlled rural brothels. In the Counties of Clark where Las Vegas is based, prostitution is illegal and one caught committing it can be in for some lengthy period. This then brings up the services of Las Vegas escorts which advertise to work legally within the Clark County laws.

Las-Vegas-Escort-SherryAre “Escort Services” Legal in Las Vegas? Well, depending on the definition of the Las Vegas escort services, they are legal and operate with the knowledge of the government. The Clark County Muni code defines an escort as a person who is held out to the public to be available for hire offering monetary consideration. The person in return consorts and accompanies hi clients to social places of entertainment, amusement parks, public resorts and any private quarters. This is what most Las Vegas escort agencies work under making them completely legal. The escort services are better called the call girl companies and must operate with a business license with each call girl having a work card. You see, this makes it pretty legal as these escort agencies are paying tax and fully operating in the eyes of the government.

vegas-escorts-jessieThey usually work from a fixed location where they pay a license fee and have contracts with each of the clients. The whole thing about escort services being illegal or legal comes under scrutiny when the word SEX comes into play. While it is legal for the escorts to accompany a man to cocktail parties, the whole thing changes when the man pays to have sex with her. Paying for sex or to have a sexual relationship is illegal even with the escorts. This is the main reason we see the word sex missing from all the advertisement on escorts. However, we all know what goes on once the escorts are hired. Men will always look for extra pleasures away from their marital homes.

No man is going to spend an hour with a beautiful looking woman and never be attempted to have sex with her. Let’s get really; almost 90% of the escorts hired are paid to give their clients sex. What other pleasurable moments can a man receive from a good looking woman other than sex? The advertisements on escorts never say sex or prostitution, but they almost shout sex. The advertisements are regulated by the Clark County and are not supposed to imply anything to do with sex. Women on banners can be nude but never will they say they offer sex. Most claim the girls are for welcoming clients into hotel rooms and giving them a tour around Vegas. Is this what happens? Well, we all know the escorts are flexible to do anything their client asks as long as the client pays.

This is the reason why most people prefer to hire escorts from agencies that are regulated where the chances of being caught in any police sting operation are avoided. Hire escorts if you want to be on the safe side of the law as you have the best moments of what Las Vegas has to offer.

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