6 actionable tips for getting a girlfriend

Imagine the experience of waking up the next day and finding a gorgeous looking woman on your side? There are several men out there dreaming of a perfect relationship with the hottest girls in town but lack a way of getting them to be their girlfriends. In this article, we are going to discuss six […]

5 stages of intimacy in a relationship

Probably YOU have heard of the five stages every relationship has to pass through. Well, there are no typical relationships, but we all know every relationship has to pass through some stages. According to Kubler –Ross model, there are stages of grief. There is the denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Well, there is no […]

4 Ways to Become a Stripper

Working as a stripper is never an easy job that you wake up the next day and start doing. You must prepare just like any career and have all the skills required. In fact, there are schools offering strip classes where people go and learn the strip business. It is not as simple as it […]