How to Perform an Erotic Slow Dance


An erotic slow dance can be described as a sensual performance that involves the use of provocative moves in the performance. It is something that is common between some couples, as well as at a number of commercial entertainment establishments. An erotic slow dance can be a great way to commence foreplay between couples, or create a little bit of excitement in an otherwise drab life. Though the definition may make the activity seem like a simple task, it is not always easy to successfully perform an erotic dance. A failure to do so could lead to an awkward (and sometimes funny) result that may leave the performer feeling embarrassed with the whole situation. Taking this into consideration, it is wise to ensure that an individual knows what they are doing before deciding to take their show on the road, so to speak.

It can be argued that the main element that makes up an erotic slow dance is the delivery that can be offered by the performer in question. Delivery in this case reefers to the manner in which the dancer is able to package their presentation. The need to ensure that one’s moves are up to par with the genre chosen (that is, erotic) will determine the success or failure that an individual is able to experience from this endeavor. It should be noted that a person can be an exemplary dancer and yet still be unable to pull off an erotic slow dance. This can be due to the fact that they may not be fully aware of the moves entailed, or have not focused on the main aspects involved in the aforementioned delivery of the performance.

Some of the aspects that an individual will need to focus on when thinking about performing an erotic slow dance can include but are not limited to:


The first thing that a person will need to focus on is where they plan on conducting the performance. The kind of surroundings chosen will determine the presentation of the slow dance. This kind of dance requires the need for privacy, and one will have to choose a place that is not only quiet and serene, but does not have huge numbers of people coming in and out, interrupting the performance. An individual will also need to take related matters such as the lighting into consideration when thinking about their performance. Soft and slightly dark lighting is highly suitable for this kind of performance.


The kind of music that will be involved during the performance will also determine the success of the performance. As the name suggests, music with a slower tempo is the best option for an individual performing an erotic slow dance. Anything that is fast paced will make it hard for the dancer to keep up with the music, which could affect the kind of dancing that one is able to implement.

Learning how to perform an erotic slow dance is not an impossible feat and can be achieved by anyone with the patience and drive to incorporate what needs to be entailed in the performance.

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