Do You Really Know What Men Want?


Towards the end of his career, Sigmund Freud had to admit that he hadn’t solved the mystery of what it is that women want.

If you take the time to read some of Freud’s theories, it’s not hard to see why. He certainly appeared to be barking up the wrong tree. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine he’d ever met a woman, let alone spoken to one. But I digress!

We know that we can be complex and contradictory at times, don’t we?

However, men are equally difficult to figure out.

And working out what a man wants can be a tough mystery to crack.

Sex, Beer and Football?

Many of us believe we know the yearnings of a man’s soul

He wants sex, beer and a comfortable chair to watch football in (not necessarily in that order). And please make it an incredibly hot woman with the athleticism of an Olympic gymnast, who laughs at all his jokes, keeps a great house, and doesnt spend too much money
Thats the stereotype anyhow. Is it true? Maybe sorta, in a fantasy kind of way. But heres a better way to think about what men really want

The Thrill of the Chase is Only a Quick Buzz

If a man is only interested in a woman because of an intense physical attraction, once he has won her the excitement of the chase and the challenge she posed is over. Yes, men like to look at gorgeous women and yes, they often enjoy chasing attractive women.

But the thrill of the chase is a quick buzz, and then its over (although a smart woman in a committed relationship can playfully re-ignite that fire periodically, and it will be fun all over again!).

When looking for a meaningful connection, men tend to look for substance over quick thrills.
In short, if you’re confident and are living an interesting, fulfilled life regardless of whether you’re in a relationship men will find you incredibly attractive.

A Woman Who is Interesting

Women who have significant interests, friends and hobbies outside of their relationship with a lover are more likely to find and remain in a committed relationship with a man.

The reason a man will find you attractive is because you engage his interest in some way: you play hockey, or you are an archaeologist. You restore paintings for museums, or you know how to weave. Maybe youre incredibly knowledgeable about math, or science fiction, or youre a Woody Allen fan.

Whatever it is, its uniquely you, and your excitement and engagement around those things are inherently interesting to him!

A Woman Who is Confident

One of the biggest mistakes any woman can make (and most of us have made it at least once) is to drop everything and make our lover the center of our universe.

Guess what? He doesn’t find that attractive, he finds it clingy and suffocating. Besides, this overlooks the extreme importance of YOU in the relationship.

It also usually signifies a woman who isnt confident in herself.

Confidence isnt about being arrogant and cocky all the time, either. Its in your posture (relaxed and erect), your manner (you have a life, and youre living it!), and your mindset. Remember that the world can be a beautiful place, and let that reflect in the way you walk, talk, and engage with guys. Sure, youve seen trouble and youve met it head on and moved forward in spite of it!

Men will be amazed at you, and theyll want to find out more!

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