The Difference Between VIP Escorts and Regular Escorts


What is the difference between VIP escorts and regular escorts? These are terms often heard in the adult entertainment industry but is there a big difference? When you take a look at the two groups of escorts, there is no visual difference, and all look the same. It is like just two gorgeous ladies working as escorts and looking to give men some pleasurable moments. However, a closer look at the two will show some major differences. One noticeable difference is the price range and the way the two escorts act. VIP escorts will cost you much more than regular escorts.

escortWhen you come to the reality on the ground, most regular escorts are offering casual sex. The clients that seek regular escorts are regular men just looking for some good time and getting that pussy fast. Regular escorts offer the no-strings-attached type of sex where romance and intimacy are not involved. The regular escorts are all about satisfying the physical needs of their clients. Regular escorts can offer specific sexual requests but at an extra cost, unlike VIP escorts. Most girls who work as regular escorts are college dropouts or girls who never went far with their studies. We are not saying they are dump, but they are basically after selling their body and walking away with your money.

The good thing with regular escorts is that they are cheap and can easily be manipulated when in bed. They are great in bed and can offer a man pleasurable moments without breaking the bank. They are an ideal choice for men who want some few hours of pleasures. The price for the regular escorts is usually half the price of the VIP escorts. Most people go with regular escorts simply because their sexual pleasures can easily be satisfied without having to break the bank.

pleasureVIP escorts, on the other hand, are considered as the high ends girls in the escort businesses who are great in conversersations. These are girls that are highly educated but have chosen to work in the adult because of the good money instead of working in some of the best companies. Most VIP escorts are girls who finished college of University and are knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields. They are the type of girl’s rich men, politicians, and top industry leaders hire. They offer a unique kind of experience that regular escorts cannot offer. They have a special talent and have limited booking per day. They girls can converse in almost all discussions keeping their clients entertained.

When it comes to sexual pleasures, the experience the girls offer is a unique one. Remember that most of the rich people in the community are not just looking to pay top dollar to get casual sex. They are always looking for intimacy and romantic kind of sex. VIP escorts will be spoiled by their clients. They are usually taken to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world. They can be requested to wear special clothing to suit different occasions. These are the type of escorts that can be hired to act as your personal PA and help you get an edge in business deals.

Well, when hiring for an escort, you know what to expect. Your pocket and type of person you are will go a long way in determining the right escort for you. There is no need to hire a VIP escort if she does not fulfill your needs as regular escorts will.

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