Natural ways to boost your libido


Not every person wants to use Viagra without trying some of other natural options. There are several alternatives for men and women looking to improve their libido without using the Viagra. There are millions of people out there using Viagra in secret because they suffer from sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunctions are issues that people never discuss as they try to solve them in secret. However, we have to get real and know sexual dysfunction occurs. It can be caused by several reasons among them stress and anxiety. Chronic illness can also cause sexual dysfunction.

best sexTestosterone is not the only reason for libido especially in women where desire stems from emotional and hormonal interactions. In this article, we are sharing with you some easy, natural ways to boost your libido.

1) A bite of the forbidden fruit

There is little evidence supporting certain foods helping improve your libido, but then there is no harm trying some. Foods like bananas, avocados and figs are considered aphrodisiac foods that can help improve your libido. Trying including at least each of these foods in your meals as you try and boost your libido. These foods are rich in minerals and vitamins which are crucial in increasing the blood flow to the genital areas.

2) Indulge in chocolate moments before sex

Chocolate is a symbol of desire, and you can be pretty sure it will bring out that desire for you to have sex. Chocolate has the power to improve sexual desires in people. Research on the relation of chocolate to create desire shows that in causes the body to release serotonin and phenylethylamine hormones. These hormones have some aphrodisiac effects and are great mood lifters helping increase your desire to have sex. The effects of chocolate are more physiological than biological.

3) Have a daily dose of herbs

Medications-for-sexual-dysfunctionA little garlic or basil will improve your desire to have sex. When on dinner with your partner, make sure you include some fresh herbs of garlic to help stimulate your senses. Garlic is known to contain high amounts of allicin that helps increase blood flow. The effects of garlic can help men with erectile dysfunction.

4) Yohimbine bark

Yohimbine is a tree commonly found in the West African countries and has been known to act as a natural Viagra. The Yohimbine bark can help maintain a quality erection helping men enjoy sex to the fullest.

5) Boosting your self-confidence

It is true that the way you feel about your body can affect the way you feel about sex. Indulging in a good healthy and exercising regularly can help boost your self-image. An improved self-image goes a long way in making the body ready for sex. When you try to focus on your attributes and leave your flaws behind, your sex drive will shift to the better.

Final verdict

The simple tips above can go a long way in helping you improve your libido without any side effects. Viagra might work but then why to be dependent on it while these natural ways can completely change your sexual lifestyle.

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