How to make safe sex


Sex is truly fun, enjoyable and a true gift from God. However, nobody has to die just for engaging in sex. Practicing safe sex is always a good choice, fun and nobody has to worry! Recent studies conducted in Northern California have shown that young women aged between 15-24 years have trouble using condoms and other safe sex methods. However, a majority of these women are always worried about getting pregnant and STIs. When life gets complicated and tricky, it can be easy for young men and women to go astray and engage in unsafe sex. Safe sex is a must especially in the adult entertainment industry where sex is usually driving everything that goes on.

image-20150310-13573-aj4v4qIf you work in the adult entertainment industry or love having great moments with escorts and strippers, it is advised you practice safe sex. Safe sex does not just mean carrying a hooker home and using a condom just because you know she works in an adult entertainment industry. Safe sex means playing safe and not just sleeping around with anybody you find. The world is advanced nowadays, and if there are men looking for sex, they can get it from well-established agencies that test their women now and again. Even with the testing, one is still advised to engage in safe. Use a condom if engaging in penetrative sex.

Safe sex starts with where you choose to pick your women from. Do you just drive with your car and pick any hookers you find around the dark streets at night? Start by getting yourself a nice looking woman from one of the very established agencies that claim to offer escort services. We all know these women are just a better substitute for a prostitute for legal reasons and are paid to have sex. However, that is not our concern for now. We want to help you have safe sex first by getting your women from the right places.

the-squat-sex-positionUsing the latex condom presents the best opportunity for men when it comes to safe sex. Male condoms are easy to use, cheap and convenient. Female condoms are also great when looking for some great penetrative sex. However, avoid using a female and male condom at the same time. When looking for great oral sex, make sure you use some dental dams which are latex sheets that are cut open to form squares. The sheet is used to cover the anus or genitalia when having oral sex. When engaging in anal sex, the risk of infection is usually higher as the skin of the anus is thinner. The sheet can also be used if you are planning to lick your partner’s clit and vulva. Lay it properly to cover the whole crotch. You can opt to put some lube on the other side of the sheet to make it more enjoyable for the partner.

Whatever the case, always ensure you engage in safe sex. Imagine this, escorts who are involved in the adult industry never engage in unsafe sex! Why should you engage? Going for regular testing after some period is also advised as it helps know your status at all times.

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