Are Nightclubs fun? What is the appeal with nightclubs?


What is the appeal of nightclubs? What makes send bucks going to clubs and paying highly for drinks they can get cheaply at their homes or local bars? Is it the loud music, the darkness or the disco lights? The loud music is deafening, but people still love it. “I don’t get it? Can someone explain?” Well, those are the words of those so holy people who don’t understand what the appeal is with these nightclubs. Well if you love having fun to the fullest then you know the best place to let loose is at nightclubs.

5-dance-clubsNightclubs are the only places where you can drink and do anything silly without people asking you. For those wondering about the loud music, people love it. It is never an issue once you have had two to three beers. Nightclubs are the only place where you can dance with almost anyone on the floor and leave without ever knowing each other. Why the dark environment with few disco lights lightening the place? People don’t want to be seen doing or those silly things hence the need to have the nightclubs dark. Well, bad things are better done in the dark and nightclubs are the best places to do things you can’t do in your local pub.

Nightclubs are places where you are allowed act fake, and it will seem completely okay. They are places where you get to speak with all those gorgeous women without rejection. As long as you have money, nightclubs can make you feel like a boss in a long time. You are treated like a king and can do almost anything with the ladies, and nobody will ask you. The disco lights make the environment perfect for doing all those silly things. Nightclubs make you feel good. These are not places you go for the get drunk and get wasted. These are places it feels good to get drunk. You get to feel great especially with friends along doing things no one knew each of you would do. Nightclubs are places where you can sometimes know the true character of people. They are places where everyone lets go and doing things that he cannot do under normal circumstances. They are places where the management or other people in the club mind their business.

onyx-club-smWhether drunk with your buddies and dancing with ladies around in all manner of dancing styles, nobody will bother you or wonder what the hell you’re doing. The norm with nightclubs is to do things the other way. The other way is the way things are not done outside nightclubs. If in nightclubs that have strippers, then you can dance with a beautiful naked goddess and it looks just normal. This is what appeals men to nightclubs. The freedom to be yourself or to act fake is allowed as long as you can afford it. You can call a gorgeous ladies by a snap of a finger, buy her a drink and get to know her.

Well, this might sound crazy for those who have never been to nightclubs, but you need to experience the feel of a nightclub to understand the feel good effect a nightclub creates after a long day at work.

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