6 actionable tips for getting a girlfriend


Imagine the experience of waking up the next day and finding a gorgeous looking woman on your side? There are several men out there dreaming of a perfect relationship with the hottest girls in town but lack a way of getting them to be their girlfriends. In this article, we are going to discuss six actionable tips for getting a girlfriend. I will share with you a step by step plan of getting a girlfriend. It is an actionable plan but one that requires the involvement of emotions. The following plan/tips will get you any girl you want making you live a healthy and prosperous life with her.

1) Be happy without her

No man will attract her girl he loves without being happy about himself. You can meet the girl of your life, but if she finds out that you are not on the same level of happiness, she is likely to leave you. This tip sounds much of a cliché but is very true and does work. Don’t live by what you see in Hollywood movies. Being happy about yourself builds confidence and will attract any girl to your side.

Getting-A-Girlfriend2) Close your eyes and imagine your perfect girl

There is nothing wrong fantasizing about your dream girl. Close your eyes and imagine how she looks, how she talks and moves. How does she treat you? Never be the kind of guys who just want any girl by their side. The first step to getting the girl you really want is to visualize her. Once you have a clear picture of her in your mind, it is time to promise yourself that you will go for her no matter the case.

3) Make a promise not to settle for less

Make a promise that you will not settle for less. You can even tell your buddies the kind of girl you plan to date and tell them to remind you just in case you settle for less. Most men are okay as long as their girls have a vagina, interests them and they are lonely. Make sure you are not one of those guys who just settle for anybody.

4) Learn the fundamentals of dating

You might be the perfect guy with everything but getting the perfect girl requires a good plan. You must master the art of seduction and know what women like and hate. Don’t be shy to attend a coaching program as it can help in the long run. Learn from the best people who have figured a way out of getting the best women. Some of the things to learn are on how to meet, approach, attract and lastly seduce.

sultry-attractive-woman5) Go ahead and cross borders just to find her

Re girls in your area nagging and not the type of girls you would want in your life? Well, go ahead and cross borders in search of love. We have seen people having preferences of girls from specific regions of the world. If your perfect girl is in another country, go ahead and search for her.

6) Don’t settle for the first girl to smile at you

You have all the time to experience as many girls as possible before finally settling on the perfect one. The first girl to approach you is unlikely to be your soul mate. Girls who sleep with you on your first date will not make a good girlfriend.

The tips above will get you the girl of your dreams. Present yourself well and be honest with your intentions and you will be surprised how easily your dream girl will accept you.

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