4 Ways to Become a Stripper


Working as a stripper is never an easy job that you wake up the next day and start doing. You must prepare just like any career and have all the skills required. In fact, there are schools offering strip classes where people go and learn the strip business. It is not as simple as it looks as one must master the art of pleasuring a man and turning a $20 lap dance into multiple lap dances and a trip down to the VIP room. Stripping is a competitive business just like any other career and strippers must remain competitive to get the top dollar that the industry has to offer. The following are some four simple ways on how to become a stripper.

stripping1) Find the right club

Take a week or two and go to several nightclubs in town as you look for the best place to offer your stripping services. It is crucial to feeling the atmosphere of the club and the likely clients visiting there before you decide to offer your services there. Don’t choose a club that lets too many rules slip. You obviously don’t want to work in a club where there is a likelihood of being harmed. Take time and ask the girls there about the experience of working at the club and how they are treated by the management. If everything about the club sounds promising, go ahead and request to meet the manager. Let the manager know you are interested in working there and when they are auditioning.

2) Assemble everything you need to get started

You will need to check your wardrobe or go shopping for everything you need to get started. Check out some of the stripper wear catalogs and porn stores for some of the items you might need for the stripping services. Study the laws of where you live and the kind of wears that are acceptable for exotic dancers. You might need high heels, thongs, lingerie or any legitimate dance costume. Take time and decide that you want to get into this career without having any personal bubble moment. You might have to do some exercises and get your body in shape.

stripper-nancy3) Plan your audition

You must practice your audition before showing at the club. If you are not used to wearing high heels, it is the time you practice striping with a high heel and when barefooted. Have a video recorder or work at a place where there is a mirror to watch your moves. You can select some great songs and try to dance to them changing the tempo of your moves as the song changes.

4) DO some tryouts

You must choose a pseudo name to use while working as a stripper. Nobody wants to become that famous stripper with her real name. It is recommended that you pick a great name that suits your personality and one that will likely pull men to your side. Put all the necessary belongings for the audition just to ensure you get everything right.

If your wear is sexy with a great hair and some nice looking makeup, you are right there to go for it. Your first day working as a stripper might be a little difficult but have the belief and go for it. Put on a good smile and give the judges something they will love. It is a lucrative job, and you can be sure to be smiling all the way to the bank in a few days.

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